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A picture is a gateway into the soul. Each of us have our own view of life and all that surrounds us. Some choose to take up a brush and paints. Others choose a chisel and stone. Still others a pad of paper and a pen or pencil. Regardless of our medium of choice, we are all given the gift to be creative. Some will suppress this gift with self-doubt or fear of not being able produce what their mind can see.

For others this creativity is the driving force behind everything they do. I fall within the latter group. Each morning I awake and marvel at the world around me. I eagerly try to determine how I can represent what I am seeing or more importantly what I am feeling.

My life has been consumed with the desire to create. In early childhood my parents enrolled me in art classes to give focus to my creativity. I have worked in oils and acrylic paint. I have had pieces shown in pastel and water color and even one done with nothing but crayon. I have gone through phases with charcoal, pen and ink, and stacks of skethbook to hold my ideas.

Now I find myself more often than not drawn to the camera. It it through photographs that I document the images of my life and my experiences. It allows me to capture light and stop time if only for that moment when the shutter is pressed. To some photography is not art but for those who love to create, it is yet another tool in our pallette to describe the beauty of life.

As I move through mortality, I am inundated with information and data, some important, some not but the data continues to arrive. Through the use of art, I shall capture a tapestry of memories to share with those around me. Technology is my palette, my imagination the brushes. I strive to describe the mural of my life.

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