I have had a relatively diverse series of jobs during my working career. I began working when I was 13 years old. I started working in my father's business stocking shelves for his janitorial supply store. It was a good job since I could work around my baseball and track schedules and it gave me enough money that I could do a few things during the school year without asking my parents for money. Professional Jeff As I got a little older, I continued to work for Deckers refinishing gymnasium floors. This was an incredible experience as our crew would come in and paint the lines on the gym floor and then add the glossy finish making the floor look like new. I did this job throughout my teen-age years until I went to college.

After graduating from Brigham Young University, Trina and I moved back to Idaho Falls where I went to work for Yost Office Systems. I began doing technical support for accounting systems but I was also allowed to do some programming and training. From there I moved into application development and retail sales. It was an enjoyable time of my life as I was introduced to new technology and the constant change of the computer industry. During this time the Macintosh was introduced to the public and I was able to obtain one of these wonderful machines even before they were available to the public. I have very fond memories of the people I worked with and the people I met as a result of my time with Yost Office Systems.

I moved to Computerland when Yost Office Systems ceased to be a personal computer dealer. I had determined that I wanted to continue in the computer industry and therefore changed jobs to become part of the largest computer dealer in the city. Besides selling computer equipment, I did a tremendous amount of application development for customers and for myself. I had six applications published and learned a tremendous amount about custom application development and what it took to successfully market an application.

In 1989, I began working for EG&G Idaho. EG&G was the prime contractor for the Department of Energy for the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory. During my tenure with the Department of Energy I began as a software developer specializing in database application development. As time went on, my job duties also included networking and network operating systems. At this time I was able to obtain my Certified NetWare Engineer (CNE) certification and was responsible for implementing NetWare Directory Services (NDS) for EG&G. I also continued to keep up my application development skills writing software which traced nuclear waste for the entire Idaho National Engineering Laboratory.

After leaving EG&G, I moved to Arizona where I worked for the Space and Systems Technology of Motorola. I began working as technical support for the Novell network and soon I was designing a centralized computing model for their NetWare servers. This led to a server consolidation from 150 servers to 48. At that time I also implemented NDS throughout all of SSTG to allow a team of 8 to maintain all servers for the organization which was a reduction in force from 62. After successfully completing this assignment, I went to work in the networking department where I led a team responsible for managing the data network for SSTG. As my skill set grew, I moved into the role of Network Architect where I was responsible for designing and implementing new networking technologies in the sector.

I transferred to Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector in 1997 to lead a project team responsible for implementing Netscape Messaging and Calendar throughout the world to support 40,000 users. The project was very successful due in part to the methodology I put into place to ensure project management rules were followed precisely. Upon completion of this project, I was named manager for the Sector Collaborative Technologies Development team. As technical and team leader, I facilitated several new technologies being incorporated into Motorola to meet the business needs.

As Motorola began to downsize, I had the opportunity to move to Wells Fargo where I became a technology manager for their Wholesale Banking Section. In this capacity I led a team of 45 developers as we built bill payment and e-commerce services that are used worldwide by Wells Fargo customers and partners. It was during this assignment that I began developing web services based applications using Java technology. This led to an opportunity to re-architect several key systems for Wells Fargo. Upon completion of this effort I moved into the application architecture group for wholesale systems. Within this group I became a solutions architect responsible for the bank's payment systems.

I've continued to work at Wells Fargo advancing from application architect to solutions architect to portfolio architect. I am now a Senior Vice President in Wells Fargo's Enterprise Architecture group. In this capacity I am developing a comprehensive architectural framework which will allow the enterprise to enhance it's technology presence and meet customer's needs. This will also include establishing architectural direction both from a technology and a business perspective. Artifacts include Living Target Architectures, strategic documents, and technology roadmaps for domestic and international business units.