Over the course of my life, I have accomplished much both from a personal and a professional nature. These accomplishments have helped to define my personality. I have always attempted to provide myself with aggressive but attainable goals. In many cases, the successful completion of these goals have resulted in being acknowledged in one form or another. As a child, I developed a love of art. Drawing and painting were my passion. Each summer, my parents would enroll me in art classes to help bolster this hobby. First Pitch WalkMy art instructors in turn sent my art work to several competitions. I have been awarded ribbons in several mediums including pencil, charcoal, pastel and acrylics. Today I continue to enjoy drawing and painting.

In business, I have found success in the various assignments given to me. During my tenure with Wells Fargo I was given an opportunity to design and develop payment systems that allowed the company to define new markets or penetrate existing markets gaining a competitive advantage. These assignments included architecting a services oriented payment system that allows businesses to collect money from their customers online and check electronification systems that provide customers with the ability to deposit checks electronically using scanner and web technologies.

While in the employment of Motorola, I represented the company on the Netscape Customer Council. In this capacity I helped Netscape define product direction and provide insight on how their products are being used. This assignment allowed Motorola to take a proactive strategy in developing vendor relationships. While working at Motorola Space and System Technology Group, I was asked to speak at the Crossroads conference for Chief Information Officers. I flew to Palm Springs to present my findings on implementing a centralized directory services structure for managing enterprise data. This lead to several additional speaking assignments across the country. The result of this accomplishment was relationships were formed with other companies who recognized Motorola's leadership in this critical area of Information Technology.

Through my work as a web developer, I have been bestowed numerous awards and have become recognized as one of the up and coming forces in the web community. The marrying of new technology with graphic design principles will be the next major step to allow web content to become more pervasive in society. Through research and experimentation, I have been able to anticipate many of these changes to situate the organization to take advantage of these capabilities quickly.

I have had the opportunity to work on several technology projects in my career that have made a positive impact upon the business and garnered praise. Early in business I learned the value of understanding "the big picture". So many times, assignments are given which focus on the micro goals of an organization which may contradict long-term corporate plans. I feel I have been able to understand the short-term and long-term ramifications of projects and decisions to mitigate goal conflict while accomplishing projects within a specific timeframe. With the Department of Energy, I was involved with developing a software development repository which allowed for code re-use while providing a mechanism for reducing the cost of sofware development. Within Motorola, I have established a methodology for managing technology insertion projects. This includes the necessary project management and documentation efforts to validate successful project completion in meeting customer's goals while maintaining quality.