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Jeff's Professional Accomplishments

The human species is sometimes defined based upon its social and professional status within society. jtforesttiltedThis trait helps to differentiate man from others in the animal kingdom. Of course having opposable thumbs doesn't hurt either. I have always found it interesting how work and career seem to find their way into nearly all conversations between people when they meet. I believe this is at least partly an effort by humans to find common ground whereby communication may be established. Like many, I have had a broad and diverse career in the work force. This diversity has helped to define my interests and provide me with the opportunity to establish career goals. Goals are an important aspect of my personality. Without goals, you have no baseline to establish growth. Without growth you stagnate. With stagnation there can be no learning. Without learning there can be no knowledge. Without knowledge we cease to be.

I have attempted to include information within this section to provide you with a glimpse of who I am professionally. To that end, I have included the following information on this web site:

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