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Site Evolution

This web site has gone through several metamorphoses. It began quite simply with just a static page but soon additional pages and content were added turning it into a web site rather than a web page. As the number of pages increased so did the time it took to maintain this site. When I first created this I intended it to be just an electronic business card providing information of how people could contact me. Now it was turning into more of a life history; that was something I had not expected nor planned. It became very clear that I needed to find an easier way to maintain this site if it were to survive. A few years passed and I happened to stumble across a content management system that touted its ease of use. I have been in the software business long enough to take these claims with a large grain of salt. Given the situation I found myself in I decided to take a chance and install this software.


Strikers Soccer Photos

An on-line photo album has been created for Dakota's Striker's tournament soccer games.