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"What are your interests? Do you have any hobbies?" These are questions that are designed to be ice breakers. To allow us to learn something about someone else to find common ground which can lead to discussions on subjects both parties can contribute to. For me, those questions are frightening. Not because I have no interests or hobbies; quite the contrary I never know where to begin.

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by the unknown and curious of the potential that can be unlocked if we just take a chance on something new. This has been a driving force in my life and helped me to embrace change while overcoming fear of what we don't know.

The thing about the unknown is that it only remains that way if we choose to ignore it. When we begin to focus on that which we don't know we suddenly find ourselves asking questions we never thought to ask and having answers to things we never knew that we knew.

Hobbies and interests are a lot like photography. There are as many different types as there are people with cameras. Some will find a single subject and dedicate their whole lives to perfecting the capture of that one thing. For others they attempt to take as many different kinds of photos as they can to express themselves across multiple subjects.

The interesting part of both of these is that every time a picture is taken the photographer is establishing their creative eye. How often have you walked by someone taking a picture and stopped to look at the composition they are creating or trying to see what they see. It is those moments that you look at the world differently. For that brief time it is possible to challenge your perspective and expand your horizons. In those rare instances you reach that epiphany and it is as though you have witnessed the universe explode tingling your senses in ways you never knew possible.

I invite you to look through my viewfinder and see the world through my eyes. Experience my life through the interests and hobbies I have. Who knows, it may ignite that creative spark hidden deep within you and start your own journey down a path you least expected.

iPhone/iPod/iPad Lens Harley Davidson
Pin Trading Photography
Baseball Computer Systems
Bicycling Writing
Hot Wheels Scuba Diving


In the instant when the shutter is released, I have captured history of what life was like at that moment. Once the image is placed upon the film when shooting traditionally or via a sensor when using digital photography, reality may have changed making the photograph dated or inaccurate.

This perpetual change can have several effects on the human psyche. In some cases, this may breed discontent or frustration as nothing is ever the same. In others, it may be viewed as an adventure to be savored and experienced. I strive for the latter, to envelope myself in new and varied activities to gain knowledge and memories to be cherished like a photograph of the soul.