My love affair with photography began when I was in high school. I was fascinated with all types of cameras and the artistic freedom it provided. I had been involved with art since early childhood. My parents both encouraged me sending me to several art classes and seminars.

In many cases it was intimidating since I would be the only child in a room of adult artists. No matter, I was doing something I enjoyed.

Jeff Shooting PhotosMy problem was always that I would get bored with a specific medium. I jumped from charcoal to pencil to ink to paint (both acrylic and oil). I just oculd not seem to find one area that I wanted to focus on. Looking back I think part of my problem was the constant internal struggle I had between my artistic side and my analytical side.

I wanted to be challenged yet still show creativity. This made photography a natural progression. I could work on color, composition, lighting and all the other aspects I loved from classical art yet I was free to work with the technical aspects of a camera and a dark room.

It just so happened that my age and interest occurred prior to the digital age forcing me to learn the nuances of dark rooms, chemicals, and all the other aspects of film based photography. This gave me a great background and led to several work flow habits that have been maintained as I moved to a more electronic medium.

When digital cameras burst onto the scene I immediately ran out and purchased the best camera I could afford; one that would allow me to successfully print a 5x7 at high resolution.

The digital work flow was perfect for my interest and skill set and I quickly latched onto this as a medium of choice. The problem was that while I was now free from the boundaries of 36-pictures per roll; I still had no way to display my photos any more than a few at a time.

With the Internet becoming more pervasive and more people having a proper level of bandwidth the time seemed perfect to utilize this medium for display. I came to the conclusion that what I wanted was an online gallery but not so structured.

I settled upon developing a Photo Blog which would allow me to post pictures and make them available online. I created 1Photo2Share as a way to allow me to display a new picture each day.

I chose this to first give me a place to show my work but more importantly as a way to remind myself of the people, places, and things I have seen in the course of a day of my life. I welcome everyone to visit 1Photo2Share and see for yourself what I meant when I included the tag line, "A picture of a moment, a memory of a lifetime".

If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me.