Jeff & Trina in CanadaIt started as a way of remembering the events of the past 12 months. As I have gotten older it seems time travels faster while my memory cannot keep up. After moving to Arizona we found ourselves separated from family members who had become such an important part of our lives. In an effort to keep those ties close to our hearts and share our new adventures I began writing a newsletter that was included in each year's Christmas cards.

Each year I would receive comments about the newsletter and how much family and friends appreciated it. This acknowledgment helped me to maintain the tradition sitting down during the Christmas decorating to jot down a few memories. It was a family bonding experience as Trina and the children would shout out their fondest memories over the past year and I would dutifully write them down.

Now that this tradition is over a decade old, I thought perhaps it would be interesting to have a repository where I kept all of the previous newsletters. It allows us to reminisce all of our experiences from our growing family. Hopefully you will enjoy them as much as we enjoy writing them.