As a young boy, I used to buy baseball cards whenever I had some spare change in my pocket. baseballcardslide My brother was always interested in the gum sticks while I was interested in the cards.If I opened a pack that had one of my favorite players, I would add it to my collection. If I received a card of a player I didn't like or didn't know, it would become a bike accessory. I shudder to think of the thousands of dollars I pinned to my bike with a clothes pin to make it sound like a car, the card rattling in the spokes.

When I went away to college, my parents boxed up much of my stuff. Unfortunately, mom saw little or no value of these old cards and she tossed them out during a move. As I got married, I again began to collect a few cards here and there. I mostly collect factory sets with Topps being my favorite. I have sets for most years from 1989 to the present. I am still searching for a 1997 Topps Factory Set that I can afford. I also have a few boxes of Upper Deck and I am still kicking myself when I passed up on buying a 1989 Factory Set for $17 when it came out. Instead I bought a Topps set not wanting to collect cards from a startup company that I did not think would last. During 2000, Tiffany became interested in collecting cards and she and I attempted to collect a complete Upper Deck set for baseball. We did fairly well but we are still lacking 4 cards. If anyone can help us with this set, She would be very grateful. We are lacking cards for the following players

  • #45 - Bret Boone
  • #119 - Mike Lowell
  • #229 - Robb Nen
  • #256 - David Wells

Since the inception of the Arizona Diamondbacks I have attempted to collect cards from several of the players. The team has been very helpful in this as they usually have trading card giveaways that let the kids get some of the cards of the players. Tiffany has also accumulated several Matt Mantei cards as he was her favorite Diamondback.

If you would like to talk about baseball cards or would like to trade, contact me.