Scuba Diving SlidesIf there were one word that would sum up my personality, it would be challenge. I am continuously searching for new challenges to master. In 1988, I was at a restless state in my life and in need of something new to challenge my mind and body. One day a friend and I decided we should try scuba diving. I had never thought of scuba or going under water before but I had to admit it did sound like a challenge.

Since the second rule of scuba is to dive with a buddy, I felt Trina should also try diving. At first she was reluctant but after much begging and a lot of salesmanship, I did get her to agree. We took classses through Scuba World in Idaho Falls, Idaho and did our certification dives at Red Fish Lake in central Idaho. The diving was great with visibility of 60-80 feet. The lake is fed by glacier so the water was extremely cold.

Poor Trina nearly froze because they could not find a wet suit that fit her well. I thought she would never dive again after that. I knew her problem was one of equipment so I bought her a custom fitted wet suit. That made all the difference in the world and once she had that she loved diving. She continued her diving education and certified as an Advanced Open Water Diver. I too continued my education and am currently rated as a Rescue Diver.

I have logged over 200 dives and have had the opportunity to dive with National Geographic in Yellowstone Lake, dive in the kelp beds off the coast of Catalina Island in California, dive with sharks off the coast of Mexico and dive the north shore of Hawaii's Oahu island. While most of these are very exotic locations, I have most enjoyed the company of close friends on local fresh water dives.

There is nothing quite like a full tank of air and a buddy to relax a person and put things in perspective. If you would like to talk about diving, or are interested in hearing about my underwater escapades, please contact me . When life calms down a little I would like to return to the classroom and complete my Divemaster certification and possibly become a certified instructor with PADI.