Hot Wheels SlidesWhen I was a very young boy, the Mattel toy company came out with what I thought was the coolest toys in the world. In 1969, my mother bought me my first Hot Wheels car. I can still remember that car, it was called Deora. It looked like some sort of future El Camino. The coolest part about it was that it had orange and yellow surf boards on the back. My brother had the Custom Fleetside and we played for hours with these cars.

As we collected empty pop bottles, we saved enough money that we could add to our collection of cars. It seemed like every dime we earned we spent on baseball cards and Hot Wheels cars. We collected cars and the metal buttons that came with them. My brother and I each had a carrying case that would hold our cars. The first case held twelve but that soon was not large enough and was replaced with one that could hold twenty-four cars.

Besides our cars we also had enough bright orange track that we could circle the house several times. We would hook the track to the top of our bunk bed, run it across the bedroom floor, down the hall and into the living room. Somewhere along the line, we picked up a speedometer where we could gauge how fast our cars were.

My fastest car was the Jack Rabbit Special, it held several neighborhood records for years. All of the neighborhood boys would meet at our house for impromptu races that would last for hours. We would carefully tune the cars by straightening the axles and cleaning off the wheels to get that last ounce of speed from these little metal cars. My parents still have most of my cars, they keep them around for the grandchildren to play with when they visit. Each time I return home I am drawn to the toy box where I pull out my Hot Wheels cars and tell stories of what it was like as a child when these cars were brand new.

When Dakota was born, I immediately bought him a Hot Wheels car of his own. That one car led to another and soon Dakota and I found ourselves collecting the coolest cars on the planet. Although I do not classify myself as a serious collector, I do have quite a few cars (Trina says that is an understatement). I am constantly on the lookout of cars to add to our collection.

With the recent introduction of the Hot Wheels Classics line of cars I am once again drawn to these small metal cars in the familiar yellow and red packaging. I encourage you to check out our Hot Wheels Collection as well as our Wish List of cars we are currently looking for. I also have my Classics Wish List in the for of an Excel Spreadsheet if you prefer that format. If you have any of these cars or wish to inquire about perhaps trading cars, please contact me.

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