Jeff at Taj MahalAs a software engineer I have long contended that software is the driving force of technological advancements especially in the computer industry.  It doesn’t matter how fast the processor is, how much memory the computer has, or what the frame rate may be on the video card.  Without the proper software that takes advantage of the computer’s technology hardware is nothing but a very expensive paperweight.

I’ve lived during the golden age of personal computers.  When I was young I witnessed the introduction of the Apple ][.  The idea of a personal computer was foreign.  It was nothing but a hobbyist appliance until a killer application made the computer mainstream.  That software was a spreadsheet called Visicalc.  For its time it was amazing.

When the IBM PC was introduced it too became popular once the proper software was created.  Lotus 1-2-3 expanded the functionality of the spreadsheet where Visicalc only dreamed of going with the Apple ][.  Add to that word processing such as WordPerfect and the general public began to realize the value a personal computer could bring.

Software continues to emerge and drive the computer industry to new heights.  Each new application offers the promise of moving society and individuals in new areas never before realized.  Join me as I travel through the software jungle looking for new applications that enable us to grow.