Jeff at Animal Kingdom LodgeIt is life's constant argument.  Does computer hardware drive innovation or is it software that pushes the technology envelope forcing manufacturers to devise systems that will enable the software to meet its goals?  These arguments have been going on for almost as long as silicon has been used to manufacture circuits.

As a software engineer I have held the belief that programs and applications are the center of the computer universe.  But as I have progressed I've realized the value that good hardware has in establishing the environment for which I can develop.

This was not the easiest decision to express, it was like admitting the earth may truly be round despite the arguments I could make that it was indeed flat (I'll leave that discussion to another day).  In an effort to create the perfect computing environment I continuously modify and adapt hardware to stretch the technology to its limits.

In this section I will attempt to describe some of the systems I have created or purchased and where they fit within the overall technology map I have created.