Computer Systems SlidesI'm afraid I might have turned into a world-class geek and technology snob. My desire for the latest in computer hardware never seems to be quenched. I spend quite an amount of time in front of the screen and have begun to demand that the hardware and software I use be adequate to make the best use of my time. My problem is that rarely have I been unable to find a computer manufacturer capable of making a system that best meets my needs. I can't decide if I am not mainstream enough or if I am just too much of anomaly for any computer firm to identify my demographic.

I didn't think my needs were that out of the ordinary. I am basically looking for a system that will allow me to do development, graphic design, desktop video, studio quality audio, DVD playback, encoding high definition formats, stream music, and run a few automation tasks for my home. Oddly enough no one puts these things together into a readily made system. The result in the past has been that I've been forced to build them myself.

My struggle is the fact that my creative side loves the Macintosh operating system and their industrial design.  My analytic side is interested in the most horsepower and cutting edge technologies.  Unfortunately these seem to be diametrically opposed design criteria.  I'm therefore forced to manage two environments to meet my needs.

Hardware Software Development
Hardware Software Development


This section is not just about building hardware. It is really about how my interest in computer systems - hardware, software, and development - continue to evolve and what that means. I doubt I am alone in what I require from computers. My goal through this is to provide a clearing house of information so that I can make better informed decisions about the computer systems, software, and development tools that I use to reach my full potential no matter what that may be. Of course having hot software and hardware is always cool too.