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My Interests and Hobbies

The concept of free or spare time is antiquated. Time is similar to the tides, it ebbs and flows and is always in motion. The key is to determine how best to use this concept in order to enhance one's life and find pleasure where none previously existed. At many times, it is difficult to subjectively look at one's life to determine what is of interest and why.

iPhone/iPod/iPad Lens Harley Davidson
Pin Trading Photography
Baseball Computer Systems
Bicycling Writing
Hot Wheels Scuba Diving

At that juncture, I use the analogy of a photographer taking a picture. In the instant when the shutter is released, I have captured history of what life was like at that moment. Once the image is placed upon the film, reality may have changed making the photograph dated or inaccurate. This perpetual change can have several effects on the human psyche. In some cases, this may breed discontent or frustration as nothing is ever the same. In others, it may be viewed as an adventure to be savored and experienced. I strive for the latter, to envelope myself in new and varied activities to gain knowledge and memories to be cherished like a photograph of the soul.