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Each of us has a journey. A path of mortality that begins the moment we were conceived and ends with the final breath we take. The path we take on this journey is up to each of us. Every moment a choice is made and a step is taken. Some steps are easy and filled with joy while others are hard and may seem insurmountable.

Contact JeffOur path is not our only decision. We also are free to choose who will take the journey with us. Some we meet and develop strong bonds with and at other times we meet strangers who we only briefly encounter. But in each case we decide whether to acknowledge the meeting or press on in our journey.

The Internet is a big place filled with millions of stops along the "information superhighway" so it's really cool that you took a few minutes to stop by my web site and look around. It is even cooler that you now want to leave me a message.

Each of us grow through these interactions and I always welcome a fellow traveller.

If you prefer you can also reach out through one of my social media accounts. The most active of those are listed in the footer of this web site.

I try to respond to all messages although it sometimes takes me a little while (especially during baseball season). If I don't get back to you in a timely fashion I do apologize. Sometimes these messages inadvertantly make their way into my SPAM folder although I try to go through that and recategorize the message back to my in-box and respond. If you are looking for great SPAM filtering software I highly recommend SPAMSieve.