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Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

As a boy growing up in Idaho, I was always around some form of bike harleyslide I started out getting a tricycle then quickly graduated to a bicycle. My father was an avid motorcycle rider and I remember the family going with him to the hills above town where he and his friends would ride dirt bikes. He made it look effortless as he careened down the walls of the canyon and shooting up over the edges of the hills. After he was finished riding, he would place me on the front and take me down the trails letting me feel what it was like to ride. These memories stuck with me throughout my childhood. Other priorities took over my dad's life and he slowly stopped riding his motorcycle.



I have always loved baseball, as long as I can remember. baseballslide The first piece of sports equipment I ever owned was a mitt. This was quickly followed by a ball and bat. The smell of a freshly oiled leather baseball glove, the sight of a newly chalked batter's box, the feel of an outfield of freshly cut grass; these are the memories of my childhood that remain with me even today. As I think back to when I was young, my earliest recollections are somehow connected to the great game of baseball.


Hot Wheels

When I was a very young boy, the Mattel toy company came out with what I thought was the coolest toys in the world. hotwheelsslide In 1969, my mother bought me my first Hot Wheels car. I can still remember that car, it was called Deora. It looked like some sort of future El Camino. The coolest part about it was that it had orange and yellow surf boards on the back. My brother had the Custom Fleetside and we played for hours with these cars.