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Jeff & Trina 4-wheeling"Who am I?" It is interesting how three simple words can spark such a diverse and sometimes enlightening thought process.

Throughout my life I have had many people who have asked for a definition yet have come away confused or frightened. It's not that I am that scary, it's just that most people are not prepared for the answer given.

I, myself, feel I am a relatively simple being who is trapped between realms of reality.

Based upon this theory, I can be anything to anyone at any given time. I am living proof that Darwin's theory works.

Above all I have accomplished, I am most proud that I have adapted. As with anyone, I am a product of outside influences upon the human mind coupled with pre-ordained gifts.

The four areas most responsible for who and what I am are education, family, experience, and philosophy. My life and personality is analogous to an off-road adventure. You can never be sure what is beyond the next turn and yet you are drawn to the unknown. There is little use turning around since you have already experienced all that you've passed.

I have attempted to include information within this section to provide you with a glimpse of who I am personally. To that end, I have included the following information on this web:

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Personal News

The key to bulding friendships and relationships is to find common ground between the parties. This site provides you with a glimpse into me as a person so that we can bridge the gap between us and get to know each other better. I will from time to time post information about me as a person. This section will provide a synopsis of all the data that has been published about me as a person. I suggest you check back often to see if anything has changed. If you have questions or comments please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help.


One tenet of my life I have always adhered to is that my career will never define who I am. Despite that philosophy, I cannot help but realize that what I have accomplished professionally consistently comes up in conversations. Whether I am attempting to explain to my family what I do for a living or deep in a technical conversation with a colleague; I am constantly bringing up something from my professional background.

I received some very wise advice very early in my career. I was told never to chase the money or the prestige but rather focus on finding opportunities that would give me personal growth and make a difference. If I focused on the latter, the other would follow.

This advice has served me well and given me an opportunity to look at my career and my accomplishments in a different light. The professional path I have taken is not traditional but then neither am I. It has been a journey filled with adventure and ups and downs. Through it all I've learned a lot and I hope I have made a difference.

If you are interested in my career please check out the Professional section for details.



Is our personality a product of our genetic code or is it something learned through the various life experiences we have had? Reality is probably somewhere in the middle of these two theories.

Each of us are placed on this earth and given a set of raw materials. Who we become depends on how we utilize the materials we are given. For some identifying and utilizing these materials seems easy while for others we are left wondering whether we were given anything to work with at all. It is during those times that we often gain the most perspective. Like chemists we are free to try new things and bring new combinations together. In some cases it can be explosive (sorry mom, you were right, a chemistry set was a bad gift idea) where at other times it opens new avenues up to us.

The key is to find a mix that will allow us to grow and realize the potential we were given. Our personalities and who we are are simply brief snapshots of time that we show to the world our work in progress. Sometimes that work in progress becomes a masterpiece while others it opens us up to difficult change. In either case we are better as a result of the experience.

I’m constantly trying to understand who I am. If you would like a glimpse into my personal life and the journey I am currently following, a good first step would be looking over the Personal section of this web site.


Interests & Hobbies

I tend to collect interests and hobbies like other kids collected baseball cards. I am constantly intrigued by something new. Trina cringes nearly every time I utter, “You know what would be cool…” usually followed by a grand scheme to try something completely different. This may be a result of my perpetual curiosity or possibly my desire to seek out the unknown.

We live in the golden age of innovation. It seems as though no product or thought stays stagnant for very long. For many this can be confusion or frustrating since just as we learn or use a product it is outdated and something new comes along. I look at it differently, the world can be a challenging place and for us to succeed we need to adapt.

Flexibility and the ability for us to morph our thoughts and usage gives us the greatest opportunity to be successful so instead of fearing change we need to embrace it. That doesn't mean changing for the sake of change but adapting and always looking for new use cases for how we can take advantage of what we are given. For me that means continually modifying my interests and hobbies to see how they can be utilized to allow me to take advantage of the opportunities I see.

You’ll find a list of my current hobbies in the Interests & Hobbies section.

Interests & Hobbies

My Digital Scrapbook

Life is filled with precious moments. Sometimes they are simple like the sparkle in the eye of a child and at other times those moments overwhelm us. As I have gotten older I have learned to look for those moments and cherish them. I try to capture each one and carefully place them in my heart. They are there for me to recount and relive whenever I need them

Memories can come in various shapes and sizes. Some of my most vivid memories are associated with images and pictures. In an effort to reminisce and relive some of these I have created a scrapbook of some of the more fascinating images and memories. Some of these are a result of my photography while others may be from another expression of my artistic side. If you would like to view these I invite you to look through My Digital Scrapbook.

My Digital Scrapbook

This web site has gone through several metamorphoses. It began quite simply with just a static page but soon additional pages and content were added turning it into a web site rather than a web page. As the number of pages increased so did the time it took to maintain this site.

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My love affair with photography began when I was in high school. I was fascinated with all types of cameras and the artistic freedom it provided. I had been involved with art since early childhood. My parents both encouraged me sending me to several art classes and seminars.

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Each year as the family begins decorating for the holidays, I sit down to the computer and chronicle all of the events that occurred throughout the year.  These newsletters are sometimes humorous, sometimes shocking, and often times out of the ordinary. 

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In this age of computers and multimedia, it seems archaic to think a simple piece of paper with words printed on it could convey all the love we have for family and friends during the holiday season. For this reason we have begun to create a brief video Christmas card for those we love.

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